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May 25, 2012
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I love the work of Jeffree Star, but obviously I'm not ready for that kind of artistry just yet. I'd like to smooth out the coloration of my face, because I hate that 5 o'clock shadow thing (plus I have all this razor burn or something under my cheeks that I'd love to cover up...someday I just want to laser all the hair off), for some reason I have dark circles under my eyes all the time (or it could just be my eye sockets!), and I have a few scars from when I was an infant where they ripped portions of my skin off removing surgical tape. Plus all these little blemishes from the California sun.    I know for a fact I'm going to need to use primer before foundation due to these issues. I'll need to use a green concealer under my chin due to that yucky-looking inflammation. I'd also like to narrow my face a bit, and my nose (although I need to narrow the apex, and somehow I think only a rhinoplasty would do the job).    Thanks for the help!   Doug

Orange would help cancel out the blue tones of your beard as a corrector if that's an issue, otherwise foundation may cover up the redness you described.  I suggest using Anthony's post shave gel to prevent shave irritation.  Highlighting is more important than contouring in males, if that's helpful at all.  You're typically chiseled as it is, haha.  Umm.  Let's see.  I kind of feel like I need to see your face to tell you precisely what I think you should do.. and even then, I have the urge to physically apply the makeup myself and tell you how to do it, haha.

If you're worried about a lot of texture in your skin, something like Benefit's POREfessional would be a good primer, as it fills everything in to even out the skin.  Tell me a little about your skin & I'll recommend a foundation.

What skin tone are you?
Are you dry, oily or combination?
Are you looking for something natural, or do you want full coverage?
Are you partial to any particular brand?

I have normal skin, my skin tone is somewhat tan, full coverage would be desirable, and any brand would be fine. 

I like makeup forever's hd foundation. It's medium coverage and buildable. There's also tarte:eek: amazonian clay foundation, which is full coverage. I loves nars sheer matte for a matte finish, but sheer glow is more natural. All three brands have a good range of shades.

Thanks. Interesting question: is it a bad sign when you put on make up, and it looks like you haven't used any? I'm not talking about people who have naturally beautiful faces, and just use it for highlights, I'm talking about people who have really icky-looking faces, use make up to alleviate it, and come out looking just as bad, if not worse than before. 

AKA my mom. I don't think she uses primer or concealer, and her foundation might be too thin. Her rosacea really shows through, as does the uneveness and large pores. 

I also find it yucky when someone doesn't use blush, because just foundation makes your skin tone *too* even, and they end up looking like Marilyn Manson. And too much blush makes you look like you have some sort of skin disease. 

Worst make up I've ever seen is pale foundation, way too much red blush, cherry lipstick, huge falsies, and dark blue eye shadow. Are they trying to be faux queens, or do they honestly think this looks good? 

A lot of girls do actually go for a faux queen look, and it's because a well done queen is absolutely stunning.  I don't know if most of them realize it, but some of very aware and they're the girls on youtube who have "drag" tutorials of basic makeup that they seem to think is something a queen would wear?  I don't know.  Drag makeup isn't just bright eyeshadow and lips, there is so much more to it; primarily the face makeup.

And your mom may just be using the wrong products for her.  Instead of telling her that, which will certainly hurt her feelings, for a holiday or birthday gift, take her for a makeover because "she deserves the pampering".  Unfortunately when it comes to makeup, a lot of people don't actually know how to use it and don't have anyone to teach them, either. That's part of why I love my job.  Sometimes just showing someone how to blend foundation properly can completely change their confidence and lives.  =]  It's very rewarding to see that look that comes on someones face when they suddenly feel more beautiful than they ever have.

I have no issue with how Marilyn Manson looks.  My boyfriend does a similar look (pale foundation, no blush or contour) and he is quite handsome.

Yeah, I've seen a lot of drag and faux queens who look amazing, it's just that some can't see past "bright colors," and end up looking like they smashed their face in the make up kit.

I have told her a long time ago. She said the only reason she wears it is to hide her rosacea, and now that it's gone, she doesn't wear it, save for special occasions. I think her haircut and weight was the issue for me. But that's been fixed a long time ago as well. 

The only Mansonites I have an issue with are ones that look like this: 

Did this idiot just draw on his face with eye liner?! He looks like his face is about to melt off!

Personally, I need color and variation. And glitter! I really want those glasses with all the diamonds and glitter on the temples. And I want to embroider the back of my leather jacket with a kitten, a heart, and lots of glittery things. 

LOL: This is my theme song:

My Mom once told me my middle name should be Liberace! 

If you have anything that bothers you with your nose you should learn to contour it. It takes a while to master but it is a lot cheaper then a nose job.

Doug only yellow conceals red it has to do with the additive color theory, but never use green it creates a grey brown tone that is too hard to cover.

As for the bumps try 'Tend Skin' you can pick it up at most good beauty supply houses it works wonders!

Try witch hazel after you wash, your great grandmother most likely used it. It will help to even the texture of the skin, good stuff.

good luck.

For the redness and the blemishes, use E.L.F Studio tone corrector. It's pink/green/yellow/blue all in one compact and it's super cheap with great quality!

I have little oily skin can anybody suggest what i do so that their are no more pimples on my face.


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