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Jun 11, 2005
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Here is a candid shot of Gwen in a graphic sweater and cigarette pants. I LOVE it!! She can really pull off the bold top because the rest of her outfit is nuetral. Plus she always looks great in black and white. The top does slightly resemble a referee shirt...but I like it nevertheless.

Soo Hot!
I would not wear it. But being completely objective, and remembering that this is Gwen, she does wear the hell out of that outfit as only she can.

She looks ok, but in my opinion only people with narrow hips can wear those type of pants, otherwise you look like a pear turned upside down.

Originally Posted by Kee /img/forum/go_quote.gif Oh yuck Gwen! wow, i think your the first person i know who doesnt like her? (unless you were kidding.)
Now you know the second person that doesnt like her LOL!

i don't really like her.

i like her, i seen her new video.. shes back to no doubt image.

She looks great just having a baby a year ago.

i like this outfit.

she pulls of the 50s/rockabilly look very very well.

and for that im very envous.

And a third that dosent like her.....and it looks like she stole that shirt from the Hamburglar.............


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