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Dec 21, 2006
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So I tried the curly girl method.I heard it can take several weeks for your hair to start looking better, but I don't think it's for me. I love curly hair on some girls, but I don't want my hair as curly as possible.

What I want is hair like Pamela Anderson often wears hers-fairly straight, but lots of volume at the top and loose curls at the ends. If I have fairly curly hair, would my best bet be to get the Brazilian blowout treatment? Or would it be stupid if I don't want stick-straight hair?

Thank you all so much!

I remember Pam when she had darker, straight hair - probably her natural look. So I would wager that a lot of effort is required to get her look today.

I have naturally wavy curly hair. I like to use a straightener to get a soft wavy look I can manage, not a stick straight style.

The Brazilian Blowout is temporary, from what I understand. The curls will return and you might have some additional damage to boot.

Do you use a straightener to experiment with?

Yes, I have a CHI flat iron. I have wavy/curly hair as well. I thought the Brazilian blowout was supposed to be better for your hair and result in less styling time day to day. Is that a myth?

I'm sorry, I'm a dummy when it comes to hair! Step by step, is this what I should do?

1.) Let hair air dry.

2.) Flat iron, avoiding flattening top hair and making hair stick straight.

3.) Backcomb for volume and maybe use a curling iron for bottom hair.

Thank you SOOO much.

I've read instructions on how to get Pamela's look before, but blow drying with a round brush didn't work well for me. (It's possible I need a better brush. I have a cheap plastic one.) And I bought the exact rollers Alexis Vogel says she uses on Pam, and I still couldn't achieve Pam's look. Maybe they work better on someone with naturally straighter hair, which you say Pam has.

MY understanding of the Brazilian Blowout is that it temporairly straightens one's hair by a serious of chemical and flat ironing cycles.

The end result is stick straight, healthy looking hair.

So if you want straight hair, then there would be less effort to style daily.

Unfortunately, the straightening effect will wear off and the wavy/curl will show. And I would assume damage as well for all that was required to straighten.

You could get into a visious cycle of constantly returning for the expensive procedure

Just my thought anyways


My routine is the same except I like the top of my hair to be flat so I don't backcomb.

Do you have your hair layered?

I have my hair layered from jaw to ends. This helps manage the curls so my hair doesn't become a puffy pyramid shape.

Also, might help with give more volume on top.

Goodys sell a wooden handled boars hair brush for about $10.

I love mine and used it daily to straighten my bangs with.


What about going into a decent salon with Pam's photo. Ask if someone can style your hair then same way. Even it it will cost a few dollars, you'll be able to see exactly what they did and then you can repeat at home easily.

I've been a stylist for about 6 years. From what I know about brazilian blowouts they are actually quite horrible for the hair. It will straighten it though. But as it grows in the ends will be straight and the regrowth will be your natural hair. AKA - a mess

Have you tried root boost and blow drying upside down to get some volume? Then add a little back comb (tease) and use a straightener to smooth the hair. A large curling iron will add the waves to the bottom of the hair. Just finger comb them out after you curl them and add some hairspray.

You can also use braids to get the look. There are 2 ways. When your hair is dry, put your hair in large braids. Typically 2 braids on each side of your head. Use a flat iron and and run it over the braid. Let it cool, remove the braid, and you should have waves.


Put the braids in while your hair is damp and let them dry. Follow with the flat iron while the hiar is still in braids to help set the wave. Let them cool and remove the braids.

Just tease up the top to get some volume and you're good to roll.

Hope this helps

What about going into a decent salon with Pam's photo. Ask if someone can style your hair then same way. Even it it will cost a few dollars, you'll be able to see exactly what they did and then you can repeat at home easily.
I actually just did this! haha The stylist did a good job. My hair looks a lot more like how I want it to look. I'm still perfecting how to style it. I need to get a new round brush. The stylist didn't use a flat iron or curling iron.

Thank you all SO much. You have been more than helpful. (I've always been makeup crazy but have only recently gotten into hair, so I'm learning a lot right now.) I love this forum. :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

^ I try to avoid shampooing more than every other day, and I do condition my hair every time I shampoo (though I apply conditioner lightly to the top of my head.)

What do you mean by oiling hair before shampooing?

Thank you so much for your help!