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Oct 5, 2012
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I just bought a ExpresLocs ponytail extension, I've worn it twice and the hair keeps getting matted very badly. I use a wide toothed pick/comb to get out tangles as well as my fingers. It's getting pretty rough at the ends already. I think I need to wash and shampoo it. I need the name of a Walmart or Rite Aid brand shampoo and conditioner that works well for extensions. I don't want to be one of those trashy looking girls because of bad care for my extensions.

Ultraswim Dry & Damaged Hair Formula Ultra Repair Conditioner, This is the conditioner I have heard that work very well. Though I never use it. But my friends told me that this is really nice on. Hope this will help you.
Hello, I have also made some bad experiences with hairextensions. I have had cinderella hair, balmain, and Great lenghts...and so on At the moment I am wearing Keratin hair extensions  and I am really satisfied with the quality. I guess once you decided which brand you want to wear you can just visit the webpage of the provider and search for one of their certified organization- that's how I found my hairextensions. Thanks

I agree ranzuWCB! Fusion extensions with keratin bonds are the best quality when it comes to extensions. I bet what you were using, rae1216, were hair extensions that were not Remy System.

Remy System--When the hair is perfectly harvested in a single direction to ensure the extension follows the same path as your natural hair cuticle. Without this attention to quality control, bi-directional cuticles occur resulting in increased unmanageability and tangling following each washing.

If you want to try to fix what you have now, I recommend using a hair extension detangling mist and a smoothing conditioner. And I highly suggest making sure the hair is Remy System before purchasing another set. Also, I also highly recommend going with Remy System, keratin bonded, fusion extensions. Tony Odisho Extensions exhibit all of these qualities and are the best price on the market right now.

hi . is your hair extension made by human hair or synthetic material ?  usually if the material is synthetic . it will be

Hello JimmyJohn 

     I love hair extensions and wear clip-ins although I would also like to try some that are more permanent extensions. I found tape in hair extensions tutorials on youtube. They look really good and you can purchase them from loads of websites including ebay


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