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Feb 5, 2008
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My hair is naturally straight and pretty fine, but there's a lot of it. I don't have a problem with frizz or flyaways... until I try to put my hair up. It seems all my flyaways are on the underside of my hair, and as soon as I try to pull it up into a high bun or ponytail, I have wispy flyaways all over, especially at the hairline and ears.

What I'd love is to be able to have the hair outside of my bun or ponytail look more like this. Still natural looking and not shellacked back, but mostly smooth with no chunks of hair wisping around! As it is I have to have almost a halo of bobby pins holding bits back, or I have no choice but to always wear a headband with my hair up to keep it under control. I've tried hairspray of various hold strengths, but I find it either makes it look too stiff or doesn't hold it well enough, depending on the hold level of the spray I'm using.

I'm guessing a light hair gel or something would be best to achieve the look I want, but I have NO idea what to look for, I think the last time I used hair gel was with a Halloween costume when I was 12 or something! I'm looking preferably for drugstore products (available in Canada) as I'm on a budget.

Anyone have any recommendations?

Hair serum that contains silicone would prevent frizz.  John Frieda or Frizz Ease or stuff at Sally's beauty supplies.  Shoppers Drugmart, walmart, london drugs all carry Got 2 Be products.  I like the hair gloss which makes your hair all smooth. You can try a natural bristled brush - boars hair brush.  It really cuts down on the fly-aways.  I use a texturizing wax.

Thanks for the tips so far everyone! Zadidoll - any recommendations for a good drugstore styling cream? I'll also look into styling serums.... are they usually something you put into wet hair or dry? I'm just wondering because sometimes I might sleep on my hair and even if it's smooth from washing it and using product, it will get some flyaways after a night on the pillow! So it would be nice to have something that I can put on dry hair that won't gunk it up or weigh it down.

Thanks for the tip about Bedhead! I know a place really nearby where I can get it, I'll keep it in mind although I think right now it's a teeny bit out of my price range. :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> I probably should be making do with what I have at home hahah but oh well... gotta have good hair right?

I use Garnier styling cream and like it. I also buy Beyond the Zone products at Sally's. I second either trying a serum or maybe a pomade for pesky flyaways.

definitely try a boars hair brush, it will cut flyaways without using product and makes your hair super smooth no matter how coarse it may feel now.  Sally's has them for about $5

Thanks divadoll! I think I may have one kicking around somewhere I'll have to look...


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