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Jul 22, 2006
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So I'm in cosmetology school and we are told not to wear open-toed shoes b/c if a cut hair gets stuck in your skin (like a splinter) it will grow toward blood supply - even all the way to the bone!

One teacher says she actually saw this happen to a co-worker: she went to pick off a little piece of hair and it was like 2 inches long and grown into her foot!

Sounds feasible, I guess, but might be a load of crap. Can anyone provide a good explanation on this????

lol agreed sounds like bull. I wonder if it's true or not? maybe it's just their way to scare you into wearing closed in shoes for OH and S reasons?? LOL

BS for sure. No open toe shoes for OSHA regulations, yes. Wild, wicked hairs escaping into your blood stream............nahhhh.


Originally Posted by colormeup /img/forum/go_quote.gif Please, how many guys would be bald if they could just plant hair? My thoughts exactly, they would all be raiding every salon they could find to find some extra hair to sprinkle on top, lol.


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