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Jan 10, 2007
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This is quite a controversial area. Some swear by shampoos for hair loss while others say it doesn’t work at all. What is likely is that both sides are right. Shampoo is an important part of a Hair Loss Treatment Plan however it should not be the only approach used. And like with all treatments you must experiment since we are all different and respond to treatments based on out own uniqueness

The role of shampoo is generally twofold; first to cleanse hair follicles and hair itself of any toxins and two is to provide nutrients that promote healthy hair. This process clears the ay for new growth while preserving existing healthy hair. Hair Loss Shampoos often contain the same ingredients as other treatments with the difference that they may be reaching areas of the scalp at a more opportune time – while being cleaned.

Concerns about shampoo usually fall into two categories. Some believe incorrectly that shampooing promotes hair loss. Not true between cleaning and the massaging that happens while washing hair it is in fact a must. In addition, shampoos are often used in concert with a conditioner that moisturizes & usually provides UV protection against the harmful effects of the sun.

So it is fair to say that any Hair Loss Treatment Plan should include selecting a good shampoo. Combined with other elements it is your best chance at arresting hair loss and promoting hair growth.

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My best friend has premature balding, so I made him get Rogaine...

He tried the Rogaine for the first time yesterday and said his head itched terribly and felt like it was on fire and he prolly scratched a few follicles out... lol!

I thought it was hilarious, but I don't suspect he'll be using Rogaine any longer...

thanks for sharing because i was really confused with this stuff my stylist was telling me its the shampoo while other people were telling me that u have to take vitamins. now i know it got to be both.

Some shampoos have sodium sulfate which might affect your hair follicle and the hair growth cycle. If you've noticed your hair is getting thinner then you should find a good solution and prevention.


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