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Jan 4, 2013
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I am in search of a new straightener...

But I have no idea what I should be looking for. Haha. My straightener of 5 yrs finally kicked the buckt this morning. And I have very thick and wavy hair. So what kind of straightener should I be considering. I don't want to cheap out either. I am willing to spend the extra money to have a good straightener.

Thank you

GHDs really are worth the money. My hair sounds the same as yours and my last set lasted 8 years with almost daily use so they do last! You can also get different sized plates depending on the length and thickness of your hair.

I have the KQC Flat iron from Flat Iron Experts. I used to have a cheap remington wet 2 straight flat iron but after that broke I decided to go for a better one. I love it and it heats up really fast. When you order you get free shipping and it includes a free thermal shine spray which makes your look good and smell good too. They usually add free gifts like samples to your order on some day. The sample change every few days. Lots of gurus on youtube have raved about it, at first i was skeptical since some reviews arent honest. But I think this flat iron is worth it.

BTW I also have thick wavy hair and this will make it really straight and I don't feel like it damages it as much as the old one I had. My hair has now grown and its almost to my waist.

Honestly, my favorite straightener is my TIGI Bed Head one. It's the purple one with 2" plates:

It's cheap (inexpensive), but works super well!! I've tried all sorts of straighteners, and honestly, this is the one I keep coming back to. I've had mine for years and it's still running great! 

And for reference, this is what my hair looks like:

* First pic is my hair when it's WET and combed, straight out of the shower with gel in it.

* Second pic is my hair dry and in a bun.

It's very thick, and very curly, as you can see, and when I use the TIGI straightener, it gets it bone straight in no time! The last time I did it, it only took me a half hour, although usually it's more like 45 minutes. Oh, and my hair is mid-shoulder length (it just doesn't look that way since it's so curly).

I would recommend ghd. I have a ghd and a CHI and the ghd is so much better. You can save money if you buy on amazon, just make sure it's fulfilled by amazon and not another seller, the amazon fulfilled are authentic but the marketplace ones may be counterfeit. Also the flash sale site My Habit sells them for about $100 off but that's only every other or every three months or so, if you need one now that might not be an option.

GHD by far. I have thick, frizzy and slightly wavy hair and GHDs are the only ones that make my hair properly straight. I've had mine 2 and a half years so far and theyre still going strong with almost daily use.

I work in a salon and we use mostly Paul Mitchell irons and GHD's. I have thick/coarse, long, wavy hair and I prefer the GHD. It's worth the investment, in my opinion. Good luck! :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I love Paul Mitchell straighteners as well...I was lucky and got mine at Penney's for $40 (it is THE UGLIEST one they ever came out with, which could be why, but I've actually always found Penney's to have pretty great hair tool sales for higher-end lines). I have long, thick, curly hair and previously had CHI and FHI straighteners and found the Paul Mitchell Pro-Tools iron to cut my straighten time in half and leave less damage at the same heat.


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