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Mar 2, 2005
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Has anyone ever used these brushes? I saw them at the tradeshow last weekend and I have to say...I'M IN LOVE!!! They are the softest and best made brushes I have ever seen. I have tons of brushes already, I own practically every full line of brushes out there and nothing even comes close to these. They are all handmade and made to order, so they are a bit pricey compared to others. After feeling them and buying one to try, I think they are totally worth the price. I've just called their corporate office out here to order a couple of sets. They are a Japanese based company that is just now getting to the US and they are mostly for industry professionals because they really don't have a retail store available to the public. The only site they have up now is mainly in Japanese. I ordered a couple sets for work use and then a separate set for my own use
I justed wanted to share this with everyone because I'm absolutely amazed by these brushes!

Originally Posted by Liz Cool. about how much are they? I'm not sure because I ordered so many at a time. I know the powder brush I got at the show was $40-60 something(sorry I haven't been paying enough attention to prices lately, bad habit I know) but that was a discounted rate for the show. I think the cheapest brush I saw was $18 but again that was trade show price. And the website has all Japanese prices, so I guess you could check out the site and convert???It's www.hakuhodousa.com

I just read an article about these brushes and was curious to see if anyone had heard of or tried these recently? They have several dif series of brushes ranging in ridiculously expensive to somewhat expensive. Gonna check youtube and see if anyone has a review.

MissChievious on YouTube uses them and loves them. That's the only place I have heard of them.

I'm interested in their brushes too and plan on getting some in August. So if everything goes well, I could report in say, September?

There's alot of Japanese brush makers out there though, and they're right up there with Hakuhodo. We just have no way of getting them unless we're in Europe or Asia.


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