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Apr 15, 2012
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Hi! Are there any good hand creams that I can use for my dry hands? I don't want one too greasy or too light, and preferably with vitamin e added. the maximum amount of money I can spend is $30. Thank you! :eek: /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I have dry hands and I have been happy with Prima Spremitura hand cream. It´s made with natural olive oil:

L'Occitane hand cream - the one with 20% shea butter works best for me - highly recommend!

It's thick and creamy, and I definitely notice a change in texture after using it consistently

When my hands get extremely dry, I like to use the Aquaphor from Eucerin...you can get the regular tube or two mini tubes in a pack. With that being said, it is greasy but what I do is put it on so it stays on the back of my hands and then wipe my palms with a paper towel so they are not greasy (or I put it on at night before bed). It seems like a bit of work, but SO worth it to me. I have tried many creams over the years as I am a huge fan of lotions and creams, but this one takes the cake to make your hands smooth again. A little goes a long way and relatively inexpensive.

My favorites are l'occitane the shea butter one and the hand food. hands down the best out there for me.

L'occitane with shea butter, and Ahava, i second totally. I will add Korres thyme honey handcream (the whole line is great). It will smell strongly the first times, but then the scent is less powerful. A little goes a long way, and it works well for dry feet too.

If the skin is cracked deeply, almost to the point it will bleed, the only that has worked for me is either specific creams for irritated skins (usually targeted for eczema but it works well in that case too), and face serums with hydrating properties. You let it sink, then add a good coat of handcream, and your hands are much better after.


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