Happy Anniversary to me!

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Nov 11, 2007
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One year ago Today I married the man of my dreams... he is so amazing... I never knew I could find anyone that would love me and my son so much. It has been the most amazing year!

so here is a toast to me and my hubby!

Happy Anniverary!

Yes, I got him this very expensive music program for his Mac... he uses it to record and create stuff...

I got a new WOK and blender and Knife set (I know it sounds bad lol keepin the woman in the kitchen haha ...but its what I wanted I LOVE TO COOK

But then we went out for a really nice dinner and while we were dining the stupid car that was parked next to my new '07 camry just plowed into the side and left a big dent and white scractches all over the back end
this is the first new car I have ever owned and I am soooooo disapointed... what a stupid jerkoff to do that crap and just leave!! I hope his dumb car falls into a million pieces!

Thanks for the happy wishes... it was very sweet!



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