Happy Birthday, Fairy-Rave!

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Jul 3, 2004
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Haven't seen her in awhile... but Happy Birthday if you see this!


from Your Friends at


Happy Bday, someone PM her and let her know!!

Originally Posted by NYAngel98

Haven't seen her in awhile... but Happy Birthday if you see this!


from Your Friends at



She probably won't see this coz she's out patying
& knocking back shots of Tequilla!
Happy Birthday! Don't think I have chatted with you or anything since I have just joined. but I'm sure I will!

Originally Posted by Tony(admin) Yeah I was wondering about that! Yup... figured with all the new posts she might miss it... (especially today!! WoW! It's gonna take me all night to catch up! lol)

Thanks everyone. I had an awesome birthday. I got really drunk on my birthday, even though it was a school day, but I went to all my classes the next day so it was all right.

Sorry I haven't been around much lately. I've been super busy with college. Right now I have high A's in all my classes! I've been working super hard in all my classes. I have also made tons of new friends. It is so crazy because this is the first time in my life I have really had any friends. I seriously have a group of about 15 friends that hang out every night. As a matter of fact me and about 10 of my friends are going back to my home to celebrate, can you say drinking! It will be cool because I have not been home once this semester so far. I live on campus like all my friends. My friend Amanda's birthday is today. Since our birthdays were so close together we decided to have a double birthday party. The festivities started wednesday, when all of our friends suprised me and amanda with pizza, balloons, and confetti. We had no idea. Today we are going to party at my house, tomorrow we are going to a club, and sunday we are having a huge cookout at school. We are partying all week long. I got a present from one of my friends already, we are doing the whole gift thing on sunday, and it was a glow in the dark shot gloss. I'm so excited to use it tonight. This is seriously the most fun i've had in my entire life. Every one of my many friends got me and Amanda both presents. But their gratitude will surely be repaid by us when it is their birthdays.

So yeah...this is why I haven't been on in forever. I feel bad for it though. I have got quite a bit of new makeup and am still the makeup junkie I always was. I will review them some time. I'm trying to make time for this website again because I love it so much.

Thanks everyone for your birthday gratitude. And let me know what is up with everyone in this crazy and deranged makeup addict family


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