Happy Birthday Pinkymarz!

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Happy B-day!!! Have a good one!
Thanks to all who wished me a Happy Bday!!! I had a great time today....Went to the Minnesota State Fair....there were at least 350.000 people there today! Ate everything on a stick...that's the big thing at our fair....everything is on a stick and deep fried! If it fits on a stick....they sell it and you eat it! LOL

I also got a $100 gift cert for Sephora..from my darling daughter...she just turned 33 in May...It feels like she just graduated from High School....she says I don't look a day over 45....(I'm really 53!). I tell her it's all the high buck skincare I have been using of the years! My husband says it's all overated...but...when he's old and wrinkled...I'll still look 53!!! LOL

All in all, it was a great day.....looking forward to the next one too!

Thanks again!

Sorry i'm late.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLIE! Have fun spending that GC in Sephora


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