Has anyone bought and carried one of the L.A.M.B. handbags yet?

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I think they are ugly. I wouldn't ever purchase one, people usually do b/c a hot designer/singer designed it. blah

Im i the only one who hasnt heard or seen them?

Ok seen them
some are ugly a few are cute but I wouldnt pay the prices

Wow. That's why beauty is in the eye of the beholder I guess. I love the envelope clutch and I believe I must buy it asap.

As far as a new designer I don't care for the clothing line itself. But I am sure it will be lovely for someone else.

The new singer/actress designer clothing phenomenon is certainly popping up everywhere. I think most will be lucky in the end to score a deal with a secondary label at Target. Seems like several designers are selling out lately.

i saw this so so so cute bowling bag of that brand.

then i looked at the price and was like yeah im gonna go and find an acutal bowling bag cause i dont have like almost $800 for a bag.

what i love is that until most celebs to design clothes and stuff, gwen acutally wears hers!

Good point. Gwen carries those handbags too. That's actually where I saw the envelope clutch I want.

It speaks volumes when a celebrity wears their own creations. Gwen is cool like that. But I have to say I think we are getting a celebrity overload on perfumes.


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