Has Anyone Done A Silk Peel Before?

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Jan 31, 2013
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I have read this works for anti aging but that is not my problem.  My problem is i have lot of red marks from acne and i read this does work for hyperpigmentation.  However i also read a review from someone who had it done and got dark spots and another person mentioned they got more pimples because of it..  This procedure i read says it is 30 minutes and is good for skin and has no downtime.

I have never heard about this until recently.  All i heard are tca, glycolic , salicyclic peels.

Anyone here has done this peel can chime in?  Does it work for red marks from acne?  I have used aha, lemon juice everything and it doesn't work at all.  

Hey, no I have not done a skill peal before since I have sensitive skin, I rather natural remedies. Here is a good lot of information on how to make stuff with essential home ingredients you already have:

(Link removed, please read the Terms of Service.)

Most stuff you are trying does not work, try look for professional advice like I have given you and you will see an improvement and the redness will go away.

Hope it turns out well for you

Nope. I haven't. If I recall correctly it's offered only at a doctor's office.


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