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Sep 12, 2007
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I have been seeing Bee Luscious on here, I was introduced to this line awhile ago, I use some skincare products and the foundation and have been really happy. I am looking at getting more items, but was curious to know has anyone else tried their products and if so what do you recommend trying next?

No, i have never heard of them but i am interested in finding out more-always open for new things.

nope. now you got me interested

Haven't tried it yet! I checked out the website though and it looks interesting.

Originally Posted by couldcause /img/forum/go_quote.gif I wouldn't recommend this line, I didn't like the tones at all. I did not understand your post? But I can say I received my deluxe makeup kit and the colors are gorgeous. My sister and I had so much fun doing different looks. We got tons of compliments on our makeup at the family functions and we never get compliments

Any way I just wanted to post that I received that and the high impact lipstick colors were great as well. I recommend it to everyone