Has anyone ever tried the new Ralph lauren perfumes?

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Aug 30, 2007
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ralph cool on rocks? or ralph hot? or any of the new ralph lauren perfumes that came out this year and last?
i have ralph lauren hot, i personally love it and it's my favourite right now. i like ralph lauren rocks too though, but i don't own it. all the fragrances are nice.

i love ralph lauren cool, i think i'm going to pick it up this spring.

i wear ralph - ralph lauren & thats very nice..

ralph lauren hot, i heard there was a scent in b&bw that was very similar to that. you may want to check there first?

ralph lauren rocks - its a nice fragrance, but i'm not a big fan of oranges? i believe thats the main note. hth!

I used to have ralph and i think maybe cool. I like them but i no longer use them because im not into them as much anymore.


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