Has anyone tried Christian Dior mono eyeshadow?

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Aug 30, 2007
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1-Couleur Powder Mono Eyeshadow that is the name of the shadow has anyone ever tried this?
I've never tried their new Mono e/s but I tried their regular e/s they have very smooth e/s but they never stay longer,I have to reapply them after 30 mins.They fade so quickly

I think they are not worth for $22.

I have 4 of them. brown sequins, frosted beige, metallic blue, and amber plum. They are expensive, but everytime I wear amber plum I get a ton of compliments. That color lasts all day on me. The frosted beige, and brown sequins I just got, so haven't really tried them yet. They are gorgeous colors though.

i like the texture of the dior es's, but the thing is the colors arent that exciting to me as i have most of those colors but in mac.


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