Has anyone tried Dejamor?

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I like picking out my own intimate goodies so I probably wouldn't sub to this. It's a good idea for those that are shy about shopping for this sort of stuff.

I have because I was curious and just got the Feb. package.  I think the ideas were interesting, but not worth the price for what you got.  In the For Her Eyes only package, there was a Tenga egg and a booklet about pretending to be a masseuse and then finishing him with the egg.  In the For His Eyes Only (my boyfriend showed me because he wasn't into it either) was a paper white box with pink hearts all over it, and he was instructed to leave messages dangling on it and have that be our spot for sharing notes of affection.  There were notecards in it and a small gift certificate to 1-800-Flowers and a cheap silver necklace.  The egg is cool - but I could have bought that straight for much cheap, and I prefer to use it in a way that works for us, not some fantasy masseuse thing.  Kind of cheesy & cheap.


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