Has Anyone Tried Google Talk?

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Jan 3, 2006
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I admit, I'm incredibly dependent on Google. I cannot function without iGoogle, I just can't!

I'm trying to figure out Google Talk but I'm not sure it's all that great? I can't add any MSN friends, and I doubt many of my friends have a gmail account.

So has anyone tried it? What's it like?

It's okay, it's a lot like Skype. I think you can do the same stuff with MSN though.

I used to have it, but I got rid of it. It is very basic, not necessary if you already using bunch of other communicators... Google Talk does not really have anything extra that would make it stand out. I did like it, I just did not use it much so i got rid of it to save space. You can use Google Talk without downloading software from your account page.
I have to admit its the only search engine i use everyday too, so YES i too am very dependent on GOOGLE
Never tried the google talk though.

I'll stick with yahoo messenger... It's where all my friends are...


I've used it but I don't like to because the only people who contact me on it are people who have my email for business purposes but then they want to chat with me for no reason.


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