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Jan 19, 2007
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OK so my roots are showing...after 3 weeks and im trying to go blonde gradually with highlights... my salon was closed so i decided i would just try and dye my hair blonde myself...

I went to sally beauty supply and talked to a lady there and she gave me a colorfix box to lift the dye already in my hair and lighten the roots (i have naturally dark brown hair)... then i got a level 8 blonde color dye.

so i do the color lifter, and the dying and i have long, thick hair so all together it took almost 3 hours because i left each in for like an hour. After the color lifter my hair still kinda looked the same... i figured i'd do the dye anyway..

well i pretty much spent all that time just to dye my roots! Last time i went to the salon i got blonde highlights and the rest of my hair dyed dark blonde...

well my roots are dark blonde/light light brown and the blonde streaks are still in my hair and dark brown streaks. how does this happen?

my hair is NO different than it was before all this work except that my roots are dyed and match the main color of my hair now... weird??

im kinda mad i wasted all that time on a saturday night and my hair is more damaged now but happy that my hair didnt just turn orange, break off or come out really uneven.

happen to anyone else before and does anyone know why this happened?

they proberly thought you just wanted the roots done.

use hair masks and coloured shampoo & conditioner regulary, and some of the damage should be undone


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