Have you always been a makeup junkie? :)

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Nov 28, 2004
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I remember liking makeup since I was very young... loved to play in my mom's makeup that she had, although she never really wore any herself, just foundation sometimes. I was especially obsessed with mascara - even then! - and still am, lol. I remember when I was a preteen/teen my favorite mascara was Maybelline Pro Lash (I believe it was called). My friend and I both loved it because it gave us long and thick lashes. Too bad they don't have it any more, I'd love to see if I still think it's that great! LOL

Anyway, I really liked makeup even before I was 10, but I think I had to wait until I was 13 before I could "wear" it, although it was probably just eyeshadow and maybe mascara at that time.

nope. there was a time when my stash consisted of black revlon e/s, a black pencil liner, a silver pencil liner, and a silver glitter stick.

i've always been a skincare junkie & a 'watch-others-slather-it-on' groupie...i figure is skin is in good shape, who needs to cover it up...

Yes I have. My mother always said I had a purse with some type of lipgloss in it. I would never leave home with out it.

I've always been fascinated with all the beautiful colors and textures that exist in the world of cosmetics, but I did not really get into makeup until I was 16.

It's almost 4 years later, and I have not looked back!

It's junkiedom for me.

I've always been a makeup junkie as far as I can remember. I should have become a makeup artist because I love makeup so much. I love reading about new makeup trends and products and I love to talk about makeup.

my earliest memory was around 3 when i wanted to try my mom's lipstick. i think i became obsessed w/it b/c she rarely wore anything other than powder & l/s. as i grew older, i always wanted to try almost every product i could get my hands on.

I used to always wear make-up but when i joined MuT and another site i became addicted to swapping & buying new things so i only really became a junkie in the past 18 months..!

Actually, as a kid/teen, I mainly used lip glosses from Bonne Bell and Naturistics, and once in a while, some eyeshadow from Revlon or Cover Girl. Maybe a puff of translucent powder, as well. I'd mess around with some of my mom's stuff, but she also didn't wear very much makeup.

I hadn't even heard of MAC until 2 years ago, when my brother's girlfriend, who works for MAC, did my makeup for our wedding! I'd heard of Lancome, Estee Lauder, and the like, but not much else.

I still don't wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis, but I love how it all looks, and I always have to buy or swap for new things to admire!

I've liked and worn makeup since I was probably about 4. Although it was just really play to me until I was like 13 or 14 then I started wearing makeup the right way and becoming a addict.

Since I was a tomboy, I didn't get into it until I was about 8 when my mom started selling AVON. I had a lot of samples and started putting make-up on everyday. My mom was upset, so she only let me wear make-up on Saturday. I have been obsessed with make-up since then and buy at least two new products per week.

I've never been makeup junkie, and only just recently I've started wearing more makeup -- I joined these boards so I could learn more!
Until about a year ago all I'd do was hide my acne and put on a little mascara, the same old thing every day! But when I got engaged, I started trying out eyeshadows and lipsticks for the wedding (I wanted to do my own makeup) and now I'm hooked!