HAve you used Retin A before?

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I use Canada's version of Retin A called Stieva Vit A Acid Gel. The active ingredient is called Tretinoin which is found in both.

I used the retin A for the treatment of acne and it is effective. Most people use the retin A for the severe acne treatment.

I would have to ask if you have dry skin? I have dry skin and was told not to use Retin A by my derma, as it will give me more wrinkles to start with. I really wanted to start using it as i heard many good reviews, but the bad ones scared me off.. I don't have acne, nor do i have many wrinkles but wanted something for skin firming, so now i am using Jurlique as they are natural products and anti aging too.  I would still try retin a if ever there was a guarantee that it wouldnt give me any of the bad effects many people complain about. Also why do people say it thins the top layers of your skin and only plumps the bottom layers as it makes them swell from the chemical, this would be temporary meaning the swelling would stop when you stop using the product gradually and then are you left with thinner skin?? i don't know, all sounds very confusing to me with all the mixed reviews....

I am a Retin A girl for sure!! It is very drying and you need to work your way up as far as how often you apply and strengh. I have never heard of it giving you wrinkles and I have done alot of research. Now if you dont moisturize properly while using it your skin will become dry and look like wrinkles but once you get it hydrated retin a is the only proven topical treatment to reverse signs of aging!

I've been using Retin A for the past 12 years (since I was 30). It is drying and can make your skin sensitive. You must wear sunscreen every day if you use it (but you should do that anyhow). I think it has done wonders for keeping wrinkles at bay, evening my skin tone, and giving me overall a very good complextion. I am 42 and often am told that I look closer to 10 years younger.

That said, you do have to watch what other products you use w/ it. I find that other "antiaging" creams are too irritating, as are most facial washes (I use Ultra Bland from Lush). I wear a pretty heavy moisterizer at night, during the day w/ sunscreen, and often reapply during the day. I also do not use the Retin A every day, particularly in the winter.  Many people use Cetaphil or similar cleansers and mouisterizers when they use Retin A.

I have never heard of it causing wrinkles. There are so facial changes that happen due to loss of muscle tone under the skin, and I dont think there is anything you can put on your skin that will prevent that. Retin A does what a derm peel would do whereas the muscles woudl have to be fixed w/ a facelift.


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