Hayden P: Hot or Soooo Not

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Apr 27, 2006
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I think she looks stunning and i LOVE the trench. and the makeup, she looks like she woke up that gorgeous this morning. Milo looks a bit scary in this pic.

so, hot or not?

(p.s i got it from perezhilton.com)

i think it looks very sexy. the only thing is I think it might be a bit old of a style for her. She's only 19 isnt she? It does look good and normally I think she dresses very age appropriate, but I would have liked to see something a little bit younger on her

Gorgeous and so classy for a young lady...Lindsay and Brit takes notes!!!!!

Love it on her, but personally I think it would look even better if the coat was a bit shorter for her petite frame.

She looks good. Her face is always pretty, even without makeup. Her makeup is very nice here. She always looks like she's glowing.


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