Hayden Panettiere: What Do You Think?

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Aug 9, 2006
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'Heroes' cheerleader Hayden Panettiere is quite the lady as she leaves a TV studio in Central London. She's only 18, but already dresses like a woman.

I love that she's dressing so lady-like at 18! What do you all think?

I got to meet her two weeks ago at Gen Con. She is both elegant and incredibly charming for an 18 year old. With a whole bunch of fanboys (often without adequate social skills or hygene) she was extremely poised.

I love her classy style. Love it! Britney should learn from her. Shes a damn shame, showing her saggy ass like its nothing.

I like the look, but not for an everyday look, i dont like the idea of 18 year old girls trying to look older than they really are, but she looks really classy, and i would definitely wear it for a special occassion, not to go out shopping or anything like that, i dont like the purse, probably the only thing i dont like about this look.

Cool. I have those type of shoes. Cant tell if its the same one. But it looks like it!

I love the look on her... shes such an undercover slut! I love it.

I want her outfit
I loved it - and i'm crazy for those kinds of shoes - if they didn't hurt so much i'd wear them


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