Hazardous Chemicals in Skincare Products

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Jan 16, 2013
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Many of us rely on the daily use of cosmetics and toiletries. Unfortunately, many of these products are harmful or downright dangerous. Aside from being produced in unethical ways, many cosmetics, skincare and toiletry-products contain toxic chemicals that can endanger your health, including substances that can cause cancer, brain diseases, hormonal disturbances, immune-diseases and genetic damage.As a general rule, you should always try to limit the amount of substances you apply to your skin, as  whatever you apply will be absorbed through your skin and into your body. An overdose of substances on your skin can disturb its natural protective barrier and do more harm than good. After all, your skin did not evolve to be coated in chemicals. So where cosmetics and skincare are concerned, less is definitely more.This website provides a list of toxic ingredients in cosmetics and skincare products: (Link removed, please read the Terms of Service.)

I know most of them by heart and always check the label before buying.


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