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Mar 3, 2012
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Sooo, I have some questions that I really want to know if anyone has the answers to, lol. I think I just don't understand entirely the way it works here.


I'm not being rude in anything I'm typing because I am genuinely curious and don't know who to ask so a general post seems a lot easier.

Heart Bubbles - I know that your heart bubbles fill up according to your forum post count, however my q surrounding this is - what about the labels underneath? For instance I saw a girl's profile who had the same amount of bubbles filled as mine but under her hearts it said "freshman talker" and I have seen that before. I've also seen "senior talker." Why the difference and what's it mean?

"super moderator" - what is that? I've noticed several people have that stamp on their mini profiles and everything about those people varies - their forum post count, their time on MuT, etc. I just don't get what it means to be one and why it's so varied (I've seen people that are super mods that have been on MuT 6+ months and others not so long. 

Can someone break it down for me? lol, thanks in advance!

Moderators here are like moderators in other forums, they kinda site janitors. They keep the site free from spam, move threads to better locations, fix things. They are required to spend time in the site. You can volunteer if you want but that label 'super moderator' just let's you know who they are. It doesn't mean they are awesome, just defines access versus a 'forum moderator' who only has access to the forums they moderate. It doesn't matter how long you've been a member. I was a mod for 2yrs. You can put stuff on from your profile. Maybe you can have a look. Heart bubbles are determined by the # of posts. I think once you hit 1000, you'll be elite club. It's not like they are loyalty points, you don't get a prize or anything.