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Nov 24, 2006
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I blow dry my hair straight every morning and I was wondering if anyone could give me a good suggestion for something that will help straighten my hair as well as protect it from the heat. Keeping frizzies away and adding shine and making my hair softer would be amazing as well.

I need to be able to buy this at target :]

Got to Be & Salon Selectives bith work really well for lower end brands. I think the key is, when you are done use a bit of serum or shine spray and smooth your hair out once it's totally dry. I can never get a smooth look without that last step.

I use matrix sleek look thermal smoother, and it's amazing, but I use it with a flat iron not a dryer.

Originally Posted by summerxdreams /img/forum/go_quote.gif would it make a difference if i use these iron products for blow drying? heat protection is heat protection. it doesnt matter where your heat source is coming from (although i LIVE by my ion dryer- my hair now takes 2 minute to dry tops and looks more shiny)
i will say though, and this is TOTALLY MY OPINION, i think that a flat iron is a bit better for your hair to straighten only because you have to brush / blow / brush / blow.

i am of course probably completely wrong, but you should invest in an iron if you dont have one... at least for the amount of time and how INCREDIBLY flat it will make your hair.

biosilk silk therapy is awesome...it provides heat protection, makes hair soft, shiny and takes away the frizzies

Yes I love Redken Align as well. For protecting your hair, I would suggest Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide. Great stuff, just make sure to not use too much!