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Apr 6, 2005
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where can I get a good eyelash heated curler? Do they damage the eyelashes at all?

I have the ModelCo heated eyelash curler, it works really well, and doesn't damage my eyelashes.

Originally Posted by wvpumpkin /img/forum/go_quote.gif where can I get a good eyelash heated curler? Do they damage the eyelashes at all? I got for Christmas what I consider a find of the decade. The Hot Lashes heated eyelash curler. My sister gave me the one with the electrical AC Adaptor and I love it. Curler is super and it curls my lashes better than anything!I use it to curl my lashes and use the smashbox jet set eyeliner for my botton eyelashes.

My guy saw me on New years eye and said best I have ever looked and my eyelashes stay curled till the morning.,

Love it, the best in my book.


I've heard of these, but haven't used one myself. The idea is sort of freaky to me. Is there any chance of burning your eye area with it? Getting pinched with a normal one is painful enough LOL.

I have one which I got from ebay a couple of months ago and I totally love it. The one I have is called EyeCurl II. Really wasn't expensive and it works fantastically.

Wow never new these existed!!! I would be terrified of burning myself! I do it all the time with my flat iron

i love mine. I have the Japonesque heated curler. i love it. i learned LATER that you are supposed to do the opposite of a regular curler and use it AFTER mascara. what id difference! but then, i had to make sure i cleaned it after every use, so i needed a disposable mascara wand to dry brush it clean, and i have to change the battery every couple weeks, because it uses a tiny AAA battery. but i love it. the warmth close to people's eye freaks them out, but it's never hot, just warm. i think its safer than blow drying a regular curler and getting burned by hot metal.

I get good results with a regular eye lash curler....I would be afraid with the heated one to burn my eyelids!

You really don't need to worry about getting burnt. You use them totally differently from other eyelash curlers so they don't actually come too close to the lids most of the time. Plus they don't really tend to get hot enough to burn you.

Sephora has a good one if you check their site--heat will not bother your lashes--I used to take a cigarette lighter and heat my regular eyelash curler until I found the heated eye lash curler. Remember to curl before mascara though--if you curl your lashes on a regular basis after applying mascara-it can cause the eyelashes to break off--just like hair on your head!!! But used as they should be they are just fine.

The biggest problem of using an eye curler is when you do it while it is too hot and also when you use it when you have already put on the mascara, it may cause the eyelashes to break.


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