Heidi Montag: My Web Site Was Hacked

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Feb 12, 2005
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Heidi Montag: My Web Site Was Hacked

October 16, 2007

Heidi Montag wants to set the record straight about a surprising posting that went up on her Web site Monday—she didn’t post it.

“My Web site was hacked last night, so I’m not sure what was posted up,†she said Tuesday during an event at a Los Angeles Taco Bell in support of World Hunger Relief Week.

A posting dated Oct. 16 and titled “The Truth†went live on Monday night, reading: “Me and Spencer did spread the false rumors about Lauren’s sex tape.â€

The Hills star Lauren Conrad has long blamed Montag and her fiancé Spencer Pratt for starting rumors about an alleged X-rated tape, which Conrad insists does not exist.

Montag and Pratt seemed more perplexed than anyone else as to how the posting made it on the site, with Pratt citing the “Blonde Defense.â€

“I don’t think [Heidi] would even know how to log in to her Web site,†he joked to reporters. Montag quickly added, “Yeah, I don’t even know how to run that, or else I would have put up World Relief Week, and all these statistics about world hunger.â€

As for finding the culprit behind the posting, Pratt seemed ready to bring out the big guns, “Right now they’re trying to track down whose IP [address] it was. We got Jack Bauer on it,†he cracked.

Asked if she could imagine a future reconciliation with her former best friend Conrad, Montag told PEOPLE: “I mean, as far as right now, probably not, but time tells all, so we’ll see.â€

As of Tuesday, a new message was posted on Montag’s Web site that read: “Just wanted everyone to know that my blog got hacked last night and the hacker(s) posted up FAKE blog post about me admitting to spreading the rumors about the LC sex tape. Stay tuned for more of my weekly posts, and my new posts below from today…—Reagan Alexander

So did LC & Hottie[Jason] make a tape or not.

And Heidi's on the hills so she has her own website? lol.

And why does Heidi say I mean so much gah she is annoying.

Yeah right, I think she is smarter than she lets on.

She probably posted it and then went into the "dumb blonde" routine.

Originally Posted by adrianavanessa /img/forum/go_quote.gif Who cares. BTW Heidi, you still look fugly even AFTER ur nose job and new tits. *ugh*

:add_wegbrec h:
Originally Posted by adrianavanessa /img/forum/go_quote.gif Who cares. BTW Heidi, you still look fugly even AFTER ur nose job and new tits. *ugh*



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