Heidi's Engagement To Spencer Is Off

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Feb 12, 2005
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Heidi Montag graces the cover of this week's UsWeekly proclaiming that her engagement to Spencer Pratt is off. Heidi says they are still a couple, but won't be getting married anytime soon. And what did she do with that kitchen sink ring Spencer bought her at ICE?

"I turned it into a pendant," she says. "It wasn't my dream ring. I don't like what it represents. I might sell it."

Spencer said he's sorry, but is dealing with hit. "I need to accept that Heidi wants her princess wedding and that she is the boss."


Gah... this show is a guilty pleasure.

I have a feeling this is just a publicity stunt; those two will do anything for five more minutes of semi-fame.

Originally Posted by yourleoqueen /img/forum/go_quote.gif I have never heard of either of those people. Originally Posted by Maysie /img/forum/go_quote.gif who is she again? The are on the show The Hills on MTV.
Lol Patricia, totally agree with you there! LOL @ what she says about the ring, that is so funny and sad

From what the cover of that magazine reads, I wonder why on earth would she be with him at all? Unless like someone else said this is a publicity stunt.

Originally Posted by empericalbeauty /img/forum/go_quote.gif Great. my life is complete. lol @ Grace! I have to agree.
What a frickin' shocker. I can't believe people actually thought this relationship was real. I can't stand these two idiots.

I think anyone who's ever seen this show could've seen this coming a million miles away. lol. The whole engagement was totally fake! She'd have to be a complete moron to marry that loser!

Originally Posted by Faith-Abigail /img/forum/go_quote.gif I have a feeling this is just a publicity stunt; those two will do anything for five more minutes of semi-fame. I agree...I don't care for either one of them. They just scream "fake" to me.
If they are in a "real" relationship, then I really feel sorry for her. She lost everything to be with him. She's not very pretty herself but she is WAY better than HIM.

I hate Spencer. Heidi though, as dumb and backstabbing as she is, <3.

Don't be hating on Spencers looks though, sure he is odd looking but he isnt fugly...i've seen a LOT worse than him. He's just too feminine for my taste. Oh and I bought this mag cause of the whole "It's worse than you think - what MTV didn't want you to know about Spencer" It was like "He is really attentive and loveable off camera" Oh...so bad. I hate damn magazine trickery.


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