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Sep 23, 2007
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Hi my name is Ms.Diamond. I am new to Makeup Talk. I have been a skin care consultant for 7 years. And just started freelancing about 2 years ago part time. I am building my client base up. I was wondering what do you guys use to keep track of your clients like a program. And I am also looking for a basic contract. So I can put my info into. Please help. I have searched threw alot of furums to see if someone has asked the same questions. Thye have just no one answered them. I go to alot of photo shoots and do alot of models makeup. These pass week I have did about 15 faces. How do you guys prepare for your photoshoots?

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Hi! I know some people use excel for database of clients. Maybe look at download.com and see if they have special programs? Good luck!