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Jun 25, 2005
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Hello!!! It's been a while since I've posted and I have been going thru withdrawls!! Anyway, I just went to a new Sephora store that opened in Kenwood Mall in Cincinnati and I just have to say BE STILL MY HEART!! Love love love the place. AND.....are you sitting down??? The Mall also has a MAC STORE!!!!! I bought my first e/s, mascara, and concealer there. e/s is Goldbit, Zoom Lash in black, and concealer inNC 30. That was last weekend and I still have a buzz over it. Will be going back soon for more e/s for sure. I need a a bigger traincase!!! Won't hold all the makeup anymore. Maybe a tacklebox is in order!! LOL!!!!
welcome back!

that's so cool you get a sephora and mac store. which concealer did you buy exactly?

Welcome back!!
A mall by me has them both too - it's DANGEROUS!!! lol

too bad they don't have a mall like that where i live...=(

anyways, that's great that you got all that stuff.=D


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