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Dec 9, 2007
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Hi there ! I'm Sab.

Well, first I joined MUT because I'm pretty new to the "Art" but I'm very much interested to learn. Euh, I am from the Montreal region (Quebec, Canada).

Also, some people might flame me for that but I'm a transvestite (Tho very passable). I'm very much into creating the illusion and (at some point) are able to do it. I've started to experiment with Makeup only a year ago or so but maged to get the basis at least. I also already own the essential to create mostly anything but still missing some parts to my box. As a target, I'm willing to achieve a very good level of skill to able to call myself a Make-up Artist (but It won't be tomorrow).

So far, I'm working with a few brands of equipment (mostly Chanel, Inglot, Clinique) but I'm planning to go get some MAC soon. So far, my makeup box content worth more than 2 months of rent but for you guys here, it's probably barely nothing

(Oh and, have I said that I'm planning to come here quite often ? ^_^ /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />)

Welcome Sab from another transvestite from Oshawa,Ontario

The GG's here are very supportive of us and we all thank them for their kinds words and acts of support , anyways have a great holiday season hon.

Hi Sab Welcome, im liz and im from montreal too!
Enjoy it here, were very open minded and youre one of many transvestites on here no flaming cherie! Youll get some great tips! So have fun! Please dont hesitate to pm me, or another mod or user if you have any questions!


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