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Jan 26, 2013
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I need some help asap!! I've been natural for over a year now and I'm one who loves to dye my hair. One time i dyed it three times in one month with no problem, but a few weeks ago i changed the brand that i used and now my hair is falling out..what can i do to restore my hair and get it to start growing back? Someone help pls !!

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First off, welcome to Makeup Talk!

You need to use sulfate free shampoos and heavy conditioners. Avoid using any heat sourced stylers like blow dryers or curling irons. Do not color your hair again for at least a month, probably should be longer though. Put your hair in a very loose braid to help avoid tangles and the need to brush more often.

Next time you use a new brand I highly recommend doing an allergy test first. Anytime you color your hair 3 times in a month you are putting your hair at heavy risk.


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