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Mar 5, 2012
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Salutations, beauty nerds! After months of lurking on the boards and obsessively trying to figure out what was going to be in my Birchbox each month, I've decided to actually join in. What the heck, right?

Also, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how active I have to be in the boards in order for my profile to be visible? 


 Welcome to Makeup Talk! So glad you are here! 
This is a great place to teach, learn and discover new make up ideas, trends and upcoming beauty products!

Some of my favorite places to hang out in are:

Face of the Day Thread - Great place to pick up ideas!

Make Up Tutorial Thread - We have some pretty talented people here and I love watching tutorials!

Nail Talk - I love all things nails and this is a great place for inspiration

Fashion Talk - Clothes and Shoes and Handbags, oh my! Need I say more? 

Your profile will go public after approximately 10 posts or a week goes by. If you need help or have any other question, feel free to send me a private message! 

Hope you enjoy the boards! :) /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />


Thank you for the warm welcome! I read your profile and just want to say congratulations on your weight loss! That is truly amazing. :)

Thanks for the welcome, Hezzie. :)

Bee, welcome to the boards as well! I'm always on the prowl for awesome new people to associate with, so PM sometime! :D /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

[SIZE=14pt]You've found the prettiest place on the internet! [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt] We are so glad to have you aboard and look forward[/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt] to seeing you around the Forums.  [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]Don’t forget to check out our [/SIZE]

[SIZE=14pt]Reviewshttps://www.makeuptalk.com/products/, [/SIZE]Blog and Articles Sections.  See you around!​
[SIZE=14pt]  [/SIZE]​

Welcome to our makeuptalk community! We are so happy you joined! You will absolutely love it here!

Enjoy your stay!



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