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Nov 16, 2007
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Hello everyone, My name is Rii hailing from California. I'm new today and impressed already! I'm no professional but I am surrounded by males and have no one to discuss makeup, fashion and the like with. Well, now I do, hm?

It's very nice to be here and I'll do my best to learn some makeup skills and quick so I can give back to you all. There's a lot of fierce makeup around here and some great tutorials too! I'm a lover of punk rock, visual kei, gothic beauty and all the artistic styles that go into that. Plus, there's beautiful and sweet looks I've seen here I'd love to try. I've found the right place it seems!

Welcome! We are new here also. We are one of MUTs newest advertisers. This is a great place to get advise.

Welcome to MUT! My name is Marisol and I look forward to getting to know you.

Hey Rii! I've seen you around the boards already! I'm Jo btw
and welcome to MUT!

Love the avatar