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Oct 11, 2012
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My name is Lori. I am 21 and relatively new to makeup. I never really wore much makeup in high school but in the past couple of years I have become obsessed with buying and trying new makeup products. I have always loved to paint my nails and have an extensive nail polish collection. I have been into makeup subscriptions for a little over a year and that is what brought me here to see all the different BB's other people were receiving. Glad to be around other people that love makeup as much as I do. =]

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Welcome Lori! I am pretty new to makeup as well, and just came back from a splurge. xD.... Hopefully you..... or..... we can learn alot here. c:

@KawaiiMeows: I have a love/hate relationship to your avatar. It's so cute, I look at it every post you make. Has that decal been on a shirt or anything?

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