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Jan 30, 2013
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Hi there,

I need some advice on the best make up to use on my wedding day. I am getting married in the Caribbean in June and it's going to be very hot.I have oily skin anyway so in the warm temperatures there is the potential for my face to be a very shiny, red, mess! I have recently started using Bare Minerals which I really like. I don't know how this fare's in a humid climate but I would be very grateful for any tips or advice on products I and my bridesmaids could use.

thank you!

Try this product from Naimies it called Super matte face to face anti shine. I worked in the desert during the summer and used it under makeup on the entire cast works amazing apply a little under foundation and you are ready to last up to 8 hrs. Also finish by apply a little on the nose on top of your foundation.

A few suggestions and some advice:

Bare Minerals is a mineral makeup so it probably won't hold up the way you would like it to on the day of your wedding. It might smear or run . I would suggest coordinating with the hotel you are getting married at and ask them if they have a makeup artist that they recommend or hire out for special events. Most destinations do. If a makeup artist isn't within your budget, I would suggest trying something like Makeup forever HD and put a setting spray under it or even Lancome!

My advice will be to get your beauty regime and any procedures you plan on having done, such as facials or Botox injections a month before wedding. If you are expecting hot weather, then keep applying a sun cream religiously even if you think you don't need it.

I’ve tried bare minerals myself and have had no problem with it even during the hot season.  Just to make sure though I’d ask an expert make-up artist (your beauty shop or salon in the neighborhood would have one). 

What i did when i was getting married was to look up a really good beautican.Someone who is really good. I actually got semi permanent make up done and 6 months down the line its still looking good.

I have combination skin, and really liked the Hourglass Mineral Veil - I think it does a very good job of mattifying skin. It does have spf, which worried me a little, but since I used a regular, non-spf foundation and setting powder on top I didn't have any issues with flashback.

Another trick of mine - I have CRAZY oily eyelids, and ALL mascaras smudge on me, even smudge/waterproof ones, it's ridiculous. Through a lot of trial and error I came to using a dramatic mascara as a first layer and then a tubing mascara (I use Blinc) on top. The Blinc seals in all the color and keeps it from smudging - first time in my life I went a whole day without looking like a raccoon!