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Dec 31, 2007
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Hello all, I recently started a new job where I am sitting at a desk and have alot more contact with people than I did in the past. I did have a job where I never had to see anyone and *winces* never wore makeup. Now I need some help. Would anyone be willing to post some tutorials on applying workplace appropriate eyeshadow. I usually tend to stay with browns (I have auburn hair and blue eyes), but would be willing to try some other relatively muted and appropriate colors. Pics would also be greatly appreciated. I am a visual learner. I would appreciate any help anyone could give. Thanks bunches!!

Copper goes really nicely with blue eyes/auburn hair

And muted plums are also lovely! I think you should be able to wear anything as long as it's blended nicely, and mattes are a good choice for the office too.

Sorry I don't have any pics at the moment!


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