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Feb 28, 2012
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I have never used a primer.....I have normal/dry skin and my skin is sensitive and very acne prone....Let me know what works for you.

I'm still using Monistat. Its not primer officially primer but it kicks butt as one. 

A lot of people like Monistat, but it really messed up my skin when I used it.

I use Smashbox Photo Finish Light. It does a good job at helping my makeup apply more evenly, and it makes my foundation last a bit longer. I would love to find an alternative, though, since it's getting difficult for me to spend $36 on a new one every few months. :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />

I like Hard Candy's Sheer Envy primer as well as Photo Finish, but my favorite ever is Tarte's Clean Slate. It's like the others in that it's Dimethicone-based, but it has a sort of tacky finish to it (I don't mean this in a bad way.....I can't really think of the right word to describe it). Even though it's completely transparent, I can still tell it's there and that it's helping my makeup stay on all day. Love it, it's the best!

I love the smashbox one, makeup forever's is good, but I'm super curious to try Hourglass's! I hear it's amazing!


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