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Aug 17, 2005
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Does anybody know a good foundation that stays put all day and provides a nice finish? I'm currently using EL's individualist make up, i LOVE the way it glides on and provides a natural finish, but it doesn't last
and i've tried their doublewear too, most of cliniques foundations, and lancome. I want to try something different. i have normal/combination skin, and my tzone often gets shiny..if that helps

The shade that is perfect for me is called 1W1 Beech
(EL's individualist).


I love this foundation but it really is doint me no favors. Do any of you recommend a foundation for me? Not any lancome, or clinique products though. Thanks. And please let me know where i can get them, and the $$

thnks for all your help


Chanel has a wide variety of foundations for every skintone. "Teint Fluide Universel" is packed with multi-vitamins, gives a healthy-looking finish, oil-free, and contains SPF 15. Its the most natural looking of Chanel's foundations. There is also a semi-matte version of this exact foundation. Its $42, but worth it for the high quality formula!


Hey girlie, can i ask what you didnt like about EL DoubleWear? I'm a big fan of it so i'm just curious as to what you didn't like!

I used to use Chanel's Double Perfection foundation and i really liked that but it doesnt give as much coverage as EL and i found it didnt last longer either. Although i know alot of girls that swear by it!

Hey I use double wear too and I am surprised it didnt last. One thing that helps mine stay on is I use EL Idealist underneath it. This stuff makes my skin like silk and I find that the make up stays true with it and glides so easy it.

Its kind of expensive I got a sample size and made it last and ordered another off of EBAY. I think it retails for like 75 $.


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