help help!!! i need some advice as how much to charge for a wedding. forums

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Feb 7, 2012
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ok, so a good friend of mine showed my portfolio to her friend and she really likes what i do..and she wants to try me out for her wedding and maybe her brides maids..!! i need help as to how much to charge them??

Check against local artists in your area.  You do NOT want to low ball other artists or sell yourself short.

 Usual rates in my area are $75-85 for a Trial (which normally takes more time than the actual day)

 and $125 for Bride and $75-85 per bridal party.  Flower girls are around $25.

 NO add-ons - build the price to include false lashes if your bride wants it.

 Total packages that include staying throughout the day usually run around $1200 in my area - Boston.

 This is the one industry that you just can't discount without hurting yourself and your skills.

 Good luck!

I kind of disagree with the previous poster.  If you are just starting out in wedding makeup, your rates should be a little lower than those in the area who have been doing this for years.  You need to build a portfolio before you can charge the same rates.  I would look at the rates of those in the area and go maybe about 25% lower.

Also take into account what kind of kit you have.  If you have a pro kit with high-end brands and great brushes, be sure not to low-ball your price.  It's a fine line, but since you already have a portfolio built you can consider yourself an artist and charge accordingly.  Also take into account if you will be staying all day for touch-ups.  If you use airbrush you can charge more (though I have never been a fan of airbrush for weddings.)  Doing wedding makeup is difficult and tough on the body, not to mention having to deal with nervous brides.  I would call around and get an idea what others are charging in your area.  That's the easiest way to get a good figure.  Good luck!

If I didn't have wedding pictures already and wanted them to add to my portfolio to help get future work I would personally go a little cheaper just to get the experience and pictures. Keep in mind I don't do this professionally, but on other areas I've always sold a bit lower and had much more business.


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