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Oct 15, 2007
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I need a hair cut, something that doesn't make my hair look so flat. But I have a new baby so something kinda quick to style. This was after I dried it with the blow dryer and round brush, and I used a volumizing cream beforehand. YIKES! Please give me some suggestions, I am lost. I am not used to having this little hair, I hope it comes back soon. Pregnancy is so hard on your body.


Hmm I think I see you have some layers, my ideas are maybe some more layers closer to the top of your head if that makes sense, so you get a sort of choppy look, that will have volume, movement...

Or you could just leave it be and grow it out, experiment with pulling it back in a ponytail?? Lol I know that doesnt sound too exciting, but at least you'd have a nice sleek ponytail, maybe its just impressive to me, because I got big hair, and I cant do that lol.

And well maybe if you just cant decide on anything you could go get some highlights or a new color, I think a darker brown would be realy nice, and maybe if you go to the salon for it, you can ask them what nice new haircut they'd recommend

I would say take it up a few inches with face framing layers and some highlights.

A new color might make you feel a lil better about your hair.. also some face framing layers maybe?


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