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Dec 28, 2006
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Okay everyone!

I have a 9-hour-trip coming up! Which means I need make-up for touch ups when I get off that plane! And YOU know that means. It means touch ups before I get off.


1) Will my mineral foundation/finishing powder be allowed? (Powders)

2) Mascara? Pencil eyeliner?

3) MAC lipglasses?

4) Travel size deodorant?

5) Blush?

That's what I am MOSTLY worried about. Ugh!!! I want to look good, not DEAD when I get off the plane! What is and isn't allowed now?

I flew recently and they were on the lookout for liquids! So, if you have pot lip gloss, and solid deodorant (take a trial size!) you should be ok. Just remember, you can carry anything in your checked in luggage, but they are looking into carry-on bags with a fine tooth comb. I wouldn't take anything I couldn't afford to lose. I saw cologne, shower gels, and tube hair products confiscated. Some airports took toothpaste tubes.

There is a transportation website that will list all the regulations. Sorry, the website escapes me right now. I think most airline sites probably have the link. It may be under Homeland Security.Remember your 1 quart baggie. Most airports have some available, but my daughter has come across airports that do not offer the baggies to put your liquids in. Mineral makeup is ok. I traveled with mine and brought it in my carry-on. You should be fine with everything that you listed.

I was on vacation last year and as a precaution packed all my makeup in my checked luggage. I made sure to wrap all of it in bubble wrap. They allowed a small quantity of liquids on board, in your carry on as long as it was under a certain size/amount and put in a ziploc bag. I'm not sure if all airlines were allowing this or just the airline I flew with. The only items I brought on board were tiny travel size hand cream, lip balm and cheap colored lipgloss. I wrote on the bag the amount (grams, ounces) so they would know I was under the amount allowed.

You could also check the airlines website for regulations.

Hope this helps!

Don't take mascara. When I flew 2 weeks ago, the lady was yelling about mascara being taken out beforehand. Just take a dark eyeliner, all powders are ok, I had a powder foundation and a blush and they didnt' say anything. As for lip gloss, like someone said, take a creamy one, no liquids!

IDK about deoderant, but try using a strong one before you fly. Or buy one once you get off the plane at one of those stores.

As long as you put it all in a zipbag,you should be fine,you can take up to 0.5L of liquids in your hand luggage. I have travelled recently within Europe and noone really cared,lol,was just me dead worried i will loose any of my precious liquids,lol

Because terrorists figured out a way to use a cell phone and some liquid to make a bomb. Or something like that. So that's why it was hard to take ANY liquids at first when it happened last August.

Here's the story, it was hard to find.

Plot to Bomb U.S.-Bound Jets Is Foiled

Looks like you got some great advice, but you could also try calling the airline you're flying on!


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