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Jun 26, 2007
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Ok, ladies I need your help! I ran out of foundation and I was thinking of switching to a new one. Which one do YOU think is the BEST one? I have never used a primer for either my shadow or foundation. I hear a lot about UDPP for the eyes, and Smashbox primer for the face. Is it worth it? I'm just looking for something that will make my skin look really nice and flawless . Also, a very nice blush that will make my skin glow? I posted some pictures to give you an idea of what I'm TRYING to achieve. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks ladies!

A primer won't exactly make your face look flawless, but it will help to tone the faces skin nicely. It will help with small problems, like discoloration and small bumps maybe. Primer is mostly used just to make the makeup last longer. Smashbox is a really good primer for the face though, I only hear good things, even though I use MAC Prep and Prime, another good face primer.

UDPP is awesome, it keeps the color on really really nice and crease free for 12+ hours, for me at least. I would definately suggest trying it out. It really works well.

I love Smashbox Photo Finish and UDPP. I'd definitely say they're both worth it!

As far as foundations, MAC Studio Fix and Studio Fix Fluid are both great if they don't break you out. I've heard Jessica Simpson has used both MAC Face and Body and Shu Uemura Nobara Cream Foundation, so you might want to try those out as well. hth!

Another thumbs up from me for UDPP. I only started using it a few days ago and it has given my eyeshadow incredible staying power. Before I bought this little miracle, my eyeshadow would end up as gungy lines in my lid creases after just a few hours. Now, I can have my eyeshadow on all day long and it still looks perfect. The only time I started to notice a bit of creasing was after having my make-up on for a mammoth 17 hours (that was a very long day!).

you should go to a dept store and get them to try stuff on you. I would give you some suggestions since i have tried a bizzilion foundations. It all depends on your skin type and what type of coverage you are looking for, natural/sheer, medium, full coverage, etc.

Rave Reviews for UD PP. I really like MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. I rarely use foundation, but if I do that's the one.

Primers will help mattify your face and give a nice 'soft focus' to your face- hiding pores and other skin problems. I love Smashbox Photo Finish, but some people have had problems with it breaking them out. Not to mention it comes with an ouchy pricetag of $36... I've heard Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer and Pure Luxe's Eraser are good as well.

As for foundation, I use mineral make up over my concealer and a thin layer of Stila's Oil Free make up for a perfect finish. However, that IS a lot of stuff on your skin, but I have a lot of acne scars and red marks, so it's necessary for me. It may not be necessary for you to use a liquid foundation or a concealer under mineral make up... I heart Everday Minerals for a dewy finish.

As for a blush to give you a glow... How about MAC's Mineralize Skin Finishes?

Urban Decay Primer Potion = UDPP. Another thumbs up for this. It gives eye makeup amazing staying power!! I also use Smashbox Photo Finish Primer and I would never be without a primer of some kind. It won't make your skin look completely flawless, but it does make it smoother and gives the appearance of smaller pores and more even skintone.

As for foundation, Perscriptives makes good ones and I'm currently using BE mmu.

Love, love, love UDPP. The Best stuff. I always use a primer and was pretty faithful to Smashbox, but it's too pricey when other stuff works just as well. I actually just bought some Pure Luxe Eraser that I got a sample of a year or so ago. It only takes a little, but it works great for me and it's $8


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