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Nov 7, 2007
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Hey girls, so I've decided to get rid of my current batch of cosmetics and I need some recommendation on what to buy. I honestly think I suck at makeup and there are some stuff which I'm still unsure of. So I need all the help I can get.

In particular, I'm looking at Chanel, Bobbi Brown and Benefit. Any raves or rants on these brands? I'm open to other brands as well so feel free to plug lol.

Next, should I get all from the same brand or not? I like the idea of some freebies or complimentary makeover when I spend a certain amount at any counter, especially with all the xmas promo that is going on. Or is this a trap I should avoid?

Okay just to give you guys an idea, my skin type is oily and acne-prone. Add to that, the terrible humid weather that we have here in Singapore. Oh, my skin is slightly better now but definitely far from clear. My main concern is covering up acne scars and dark eye circles. So what should I look out for when buying?

I'm looking to get:


Concealer (for under-eye and blemishes)

Loose Powder

Eye pencil (I have set my eyes on Benefit's Bad Gal Eye Pencil, is it good? I need to be long-lasting.)

Eye shadow (I rarely use them ever but if anything, I'm looking for those that are neutral-coloured. Maybe something in a light pink shade perhaps?)

Mascara (I want something that gives lots and lots of volume; I have tried L'oreal's but didn't really like it)

Blush and bronzer (Can I put on both at the same time?)

Brow liner (I tried them once but I didn't like how it turned out?)

Stuff for lips (I rarely put any on my lips cos I don't like the feeling. I'm looking at Benetint. Can I use it alone?)

Are there other stuff I should get besides the ones listed above? Can somebody tell me what's a primer? Is it the same as a make-up base? I just got the latest local issue of Elle and I like the complexion of the model. I looked it up and saw that she's used Chanel Base Lumiere Illuminating Makeup Base. Has anybody tried it before? How do you find it?

Last questions: Any recommendations on makeup that brightens up dull complexions and eyes? They are my main concerns. How much should I prepare to spend?

Well ok, I think that's all for now. Thanks in advance if you could help. And sorry for the long long post!

I think you should buy palettes! Thats the cheapest way to get a lot of things. Thats my number one obsession!

I think you should mix-and-match because all brands have their strengths and weaknesses. You shouldn't commit yourself to just one brand if another brand has a better product.

I second the palettes... I love LORAC and stila palettes, and smashbox kits, they are a great buy!!!

First I would say practice and experiment with colors with the cheap makeup. With enough practice, you will get very confident with your skills. Then it is time to purchase the more expensive makeup.

Like Ashley (aplsmsh) said, get a mixture of brands. Every lady needs a few basic things:

1. Mascara

2. Blush

3. Foundation

4. Concealor

5. Lipstick or lipgloss

6. Eyeliner

7. Eyeshadow

If you get all the seven things, you will already have a makeup collection. And then it keeps growing and growing. When you get a chance, go and check the Reviews Center. You can make a good decision from there when you see what people say about different brands.

Gotta say word to Thais' post. Lorac makes the best palettes that I have ever tried love them!!! I also love Stila e/s.

I'm a huge Nars fan, it's a little expensive, but they make the best blushes around.

I have a lot of Bobbi brown cosmetics thatI really like... do I reach for them a lot though? Not really. i don't know why, maybe I just have to much makeup.

The only thing I find worthwhile from Chanel is their glossimers. LOVE them!

Benefit is a great brand... some products I love are, High Beam, Benetint, Dandelion, Babe Cakes, High Brow, Gilded, BrowZings. I feel like I'm forgetting some things.

Try Lorac e/s though. I'm telling ya. Well Thais told you first.


Thanks for your input, I don't think I can find Lorac here in Singapore. But I'm definitely leaning towards Benefit!

Ditto to Bella's recs from Benefit!

I also LOVE Bobbi Brown's Shimmerbricks!! They're great as a blush, highlighter or e/s.

To answer your question - primer is something you put under your foundation, but over your moisturizer and it helps make your pores less visible and smooths your skin so your foundation looks better. I never used to use it, but since I tried it now I can't do my makeup without it! Smashbox makes a really good one. But, for a much cheaper, but comparable alternative try monistat anti-chafing powder gel! There is an entire sticky thread devoted to it at the top of the makeup forum!

Good luck and happy shopping!! Post your hauls so we know what you ended up buying!

I would recommend that you don't shun drug store brands, because over the past few years drugstore brands have really improved.

I wish you luck with your shopping!!


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