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Feb 18, 2013
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I'm 17 and have really bad skin, horrendous scarring around my chin, forehead and cheeks, as well as bad blackheads and have no idea how to get rid of it! I've had acne since i was about 12... Been to the doctors but he prescribed a lotion that my skin quickly got used to and so it makes no difference now. I've asked to be put on stronger medication but he's said no because of my age): Some of the scars are like little white cysts that I can burst, and the others are just red marks, they're disgusting! I've tried pretty much everything under the sun and i'm just wondering if anyone has any tips? I eat healthily, go to the gym regularly and drink loads of water.. Please help haha:) 

You said you eat right and drink lots of water so that is great already. Here are a few things I think might help you (or at least they did for me).

1. Cleanse twice a day with gentle cleanser, I recommend Cetaphil because it is great for all skin types and readily available.

2. Don't "overscrub". If you scrub too hard it can damage your skin.

3. Exfoliate once a week, not more. Regular skin can handle more often, sensitive acne prone skin usually can't. Make sure you use gentle products. Most mass produced scrubs tear at your pores because the particles in them are large and jagged. Exfolikate is great, or try adding a pinch of superfine granulated sugar to your cleanser for the same effect.

4. Make sure you keep things very clean  that touch your face like makeup brushes, towels, pillows, etc. These can all carry oils, residual makeup, dead skin cells, sebum, etc from previous uses and can get your freshly cleansed face dirty again. Rotating my pillowcase every few days helps me a lot!

5. Make sure you moisturize with a good oil free cleanser. Keeping your face hydrated will control your skin's natural oil production so you don't get so oily.

6. Be aware of what is in your products. If you are having breakouts you may be using the wrong products for your skin. On your days off test them one at a time. You may be experiencing chemical allergies or sensitivities that are causing the breakouts.

7. Keep the amount of products you use to a minimum when you aren't going out. Let your face breathe and heal.

8. Most of all realize you are still 17 and your face will likely clear up in a few years. I had terrible acne from about 10-21 but it got better with age.

My skin problems didn't go completely away at 21 because I didn't realize I had sensitivities to most of the products I was using on my face. The allergist and dermatologist helped me figure that out. For me personally Cetaphil lotions and cleansers have been wonderful. I also use Shea Terra Organic's Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Face Wash which works like a deep cleanser. It's stinky but it works great.

These remedies will help you to remove skin problems. Try it.

• A facial mask consisting of grated apple and honey serves as an effective home treatment for Pimples and Acne.

• Regularly applying the pulp of ripe tomatoes on the face for about an hour or so helps in the effective treatment of Pimples. Cucumber pulp can also be used in the same way with the same results.

• Raw papaya juice can be applied on the Pimples to cure Pimples naturally.

[SIZE=12pt]• A paste of coriander leaves and turmeric powder make a good home remedy to remove blackheads.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=12pt]• A scrub made up of crushed almonds and besan is a very effective home remedy to get rid of blackheads especially from nose.[/SIZE]

I went to the doctor and was prescribed doxyclycline to be used in conjunction with a 5% bleach solution lotion and its actually helping quite a lot! I've only been using this for about 2 and a half weeks and i see a huge improvement, although the lotion made my skin pretty much fall off the first week, so horrible but now its getting better and im so pleased with the results, i just hope it continues to get better:)


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