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Mar 25, 2011
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I need foundation please help. I'm normally pale so buy ivory of course but I have a natural tan now and every foundation I try I just look orange! I know there is millions out there with this problem. What did you do or buy that worked I own nc15 but when it's being applied I can see my face turning a lighter shade. I have a few other foundations in a slightly darker color Dior skin nude in 030 2 shades up from ivory. Made me too dark. 020 makes me orange :( /emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> Could I get away with sticking with nc15 and adding a wash off bronzing gel? As that's what I am thinking of trying as I cannot think of another option. Also bronzing powder just doesn't work for me. Either too chalky or too shimmery


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