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help! My scalp is so oily

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Mar 8, 2005
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It´s really bad. I usually have to wash my past shoulder-length hair every single day. all that washing, conditioning, blowdrying is so annoying.

and my had looks like a puffball right after I´ve washed and blowdried it, so I can only do that at night, so it can smooth down while I`m sleeping. the next day my hair looks smooth and clean, but in the late afternoon my scalp gets greasy AGAIN!

any recs for a shampoo that might help? If I only had to wash my hair every 2 days, that would be a great help! and I guess I have to add I don´t have access to American Brands (like Matrix, can´t think of any others,sorry)

hope you have some advice, I´m just so annoyed by all the time daily washing takes up,plus the frequent blowdrying damages my hair. but when I don´t blowdry it looks aweful, so there is no way around that!