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Mar 8, 2005
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It´s really bad. I usually have to wash my past shoulder-length hair every single day. all that washing, conditioning, blowdrying is so annoying.

and my had looks like a puffball right after I´ve washed and blowdried it, so I can only do that at night, so it can smooth down while I`m sleeping. the next day my hair looks smooth and clean, but in the late afternoon my scalp gets greasy AGAIN!

any recs for a shampoo that might help? If I only had to wash my hair every 2 days, that would be a great help! and I guess I have to add I don´t have access to American Brands (like Matrix, can´t think of any others,sorry)

hope you have some advice, I´m just so annoyed by all the time daily washing takes up,plus the frequent blowdrying damages my hair. but when I don´t blowdry it looks aweful, so there is no way around that!

Hm, I wash my hair every day, I thought that was normal! (Every roommate I've ever had washed their hair every day too!) I wash it in the morning and it looks fine all day, but by the next morning it's definitely oily and limp. (And if I wash it at night, sometimes it gets oily late the next day, like yours.) So I just wash it every morning and it looks fine... I also blow-dry my hair every morning, but my hair's short enough (shoulder-length) that it only takes 15-20 minutes, including styling it with a round brush while I dry. (Of course I also use the dryer on high heat to speed it up
but so far my hair still looks healthy! Maybe because I don't color it or use flatirons or curling irons.)

Anyways, if you can't find a shampoo that will cut back on the oiliness, one idea is to try a product that will reduce frizz and static so that you could dry it in the morning and have it still look shiny, without getting oily by the afternoon. I use John Freida's Frizz Ease Wind Down Cream for Fine/Normal hair, and I'm sure there's lots of other products that will work well, many brands make similar products. (I know Clinique makes some sort of Shiny Hair Serum...) Without the cream my hair also gets very frizzy and poofy when I dry it and my hair won't even stay on my round brush for all the static; with the cream there is almost no frizz and it stays on the brush perfectly! (The Wind Down cream is also supposed to straighten your hair; it doesn't really straighten mine but it keeps it shiny!) Then with some flexible hold hairspray it lasts all day -- although your hair may be too long for hairspray!

Anyways just a thought ... hopefully someone else will have some ideas for shampoo!

Like you, I also have very oily hair and dry ends. I wash, blowdry, and straighten it every other morning, which may be the cause of my dry ends. Instead of washing every day to ease the oil, I apply baby powder to the roots and run a flat iron through the ends. This works great for me! Good luck!

If you have Paul Mitchell by you - Shampoo's Two & Three should help you out a bit... they are very good at cleaning - but won't strip your hair dry.
Well I don't know if you have Dove shampoos and conditioners in Austria, but I use their brand and I love them. Theres tons of different products in the range, for people with colour hair, dark hair, fair hair, normal, greasy etc. I'd highly recommend them!

I have the same problem since a couple of months (I used to have normal hair on the dry side), my hair got really oily due to hormonal changes I got when I stopped smoking about 7 months ago. I actually got so oily that I got pimples in my scalp if I didn´t wash it everyday (gross, I know). At first I didn´t know what to do. I eventually found that Clinique´s Exceptionally Clean Shampoo did wonders to clear up my scalp. In the beginning I used it for every wash, but after a while you can use it about once or twice a week, and use a mild normal shampoo in between. And you know that washing it everyday just get your hair oilier do you? It stimulates the scalp to produce more oil ;(.

An other thing that helps me is to keep my hair up in a ponytail or something most of the time, at least with me if my hair is down I tend to brush and touch it more often witch also makes it a lot oilier.

One problem is that Clinique is phasing out their hair care line and is reformulating it so it might not be a available (I have stocked up )


thanks everybody!

yes, we have Dove haircare over here and I´ve tried some of their conditioners and they´re great. I might see how their shampoo for oily scalp is.

or I´m gonna try the Paul Mitchell one (I´ve already heard it´s supposed to be good)

but I still don´t want to wash my hair every single day. it takes up too much time and I´m not that patient


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